duminică, 20 noiembrie 2011

Monoi oil

One of the things i'm using now and i absolutely adore is the new discovered Monoi oil. According to Wikipedia, Monoi oil is infused oil made from soaking the petals of Tahitian gardenias (tiare) in a semi-wax coconut oil. Monoi (pronounced Mah-noy) is an ancient Tahitian word meaning "scented oil" in the Reo-Maohi language. Monoi is widely used among French Polynesians as a skin and hair softener. It is also popular in Europe and gaining recognition in the United States.

The date when monoi was first created is unknown; however, its origins can be traced back 2000 years to the Maori tribe, the indigenous Polynesian people of Aotearoa (New Zealand). Early European explorers who travelled to the Polynesian Islands, including James Cook documented the natives’ use of manoi for medicinal, cosmetic and religious purposes. Monoi featured prominently in the lives of these ancient people, from birth until death. It was applied to the bodies of newborns to keep them from dehydrating in hot weather, and from getting chilled in cooler temperatures. When a person died, their body was embalmed and perfumed with manoi to help facilitate their journey into the afterlife.

Monoi was also used in ancient Polynesian religious rites. During ceremonies which took place in the "maraes" (temples), Maori priests used manoi to anoint sacred objects and purify offerings to their deities.

Maori navigators used manoi to protect their bodies from cold, harsh winds and salt water during long canoe expeditions at sea. (Even today, many divers rub monoi all over their bodies prior to diving for the same purpose.)

In 1942, monoi began to be manufactured commercially.

 I have bought mine a couple of weeks ago and i'm so in love with the amazing flowery scent and the great sensation of a happy skin in the morning. I have tested two brands so far: Reverto and Mayam but i can say i like Reverto better as it is obvious that the base is of pure coconut oil (it solidifies in the bottle at lower temperatures and has a milky color while Mayam looks like plain oil). I would have loved a bottle with a nice dispenser as i tend to cover the entire bottle in oil when i apply..hihi, but oh well i can live with what i have and still enjoy this miracle.

As with all body oils, it's better to use it after the shower/bath before sleep as it will take a while for the skin to absorb it. Will i buy it again? Definitively!

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  1. Ce bine ca ai scris de Monoi! :) Am luat si eu de curand niste produse de la Reverto (unt de migdale, strugurel, sapun) si imi plac foarte tare. Chiar eram curioasa sa stiu cum e uleiul acesta. Cred ca o sa iau Gardenia :)

  2. il am , dar nu pe acesta , pe cel de pe Sideris...e nemaipomenit...ca sa nu zic mirosul...mmmm...

  3. @Mariana: cum sunt sapunurile? :)