miercuri, 2 noiembrie 2011

Lush Big

I have been using this shampoo for quite a while and i can say i really fell in love with it. My hair is soft and lacks volume and on top of all these it gets oily pretty fast so i need to wash it almost every day. Because of this, i'm really interested in mild shampoos that can give a nice volume. When it comes to the first requirement, Big really does its job well. My hair almost regain its health and looks a lot better than before. When it comes to volume, Big is still doing a pretty job, but i have noticed that the volume does not last more than a day. To be honest, i think it's my hair's fault not the shampoo. Sniff.

Do you like the way your hair looks like after a bath in the sea? Well if you do like i do, then Big is the best choice for you as its primary ingredient is salt. What i also love is the nice salty fresh smell that makes your shower a joy. Yay!

When it comes to aspect, well..this is an unconventional shampoo: it looks like a weird jelly with pieces of hard salt inside and a small amount is great for making enough foam and clear your long hair. I usually apply it twice and the salt melts really fast on the wet hair, so no need to worry that you are going to end up with some salt you can't get off :).

The price is quite high (around 70 Ron) but i have it since July so you might consider buying it.

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