duminică, 25 septembrie 2011

Last week eye make-up

I've been really lazy lately but in love with the Sleek Storm I-Divine palette. So here are some quick lazy eye make up i wore last week.

And the gei me and my camera pic..lol

vineri, 23 septembrie 2011

Meet you at the tea party

This is a lovely hand made pendant inspired from Alice in Wonderland. It has a sweet vintage quirky aura..

You can find more of wonderful jewelries like this in here

joi, 22 septembrie 2011


If you like tattoos, but you are not that brave to have a permanent one, you can try a fake tattoo from here. I must say they look amazing, they are so cheap (around 4 pounds and 2 pounds the transport) and you get for this price at least 4 tattoos depending on what you've selected. They look awesome and last up to one week depending on the spot you placed them on. I tried my first one and it lasted for 4 days while i was washing dishes and taking at least 2 showers a day. So yes, yay!

And lol..my hand is not so big..it's just the fish eye effect of my compact camera.

marți, 20 septembrie 2011

I'm in love with a bag

I am a bag freak. I love big, comfy bags but i do adore this tiny clutch i got from Stradivarius at sales for only 30 Ron. It has a retro arch closing system and it's absolutely adorable.

sâmbătă, 17 septembrie 2011

My new lipsticks

I have tried lately to go out of my comfort zone and try new lipstick shades. As we are all in the Sleek mania i have ordered a new awesome Sleek lipstick shade (3 more are on the way and one i ordered it some time ago). And since Mya Shop has also now Barry M cosmetics, i couldn't resist the urge to try the appealing lipsticks. So here it is what i've been swatching: Sleek True Color Lipstick in Fawn and Peaches&Cream and Barry M lipstick in Sunset.

Sleek True Color Lipstick in Fawn
I haven't got used to this dark color yet. I'm still trying to like it but i guess it's not made for me.. 

Barry M lipstick in Sunset
I love this color a lot. It's very pigmented and matte as i like, but it needs a bit of finger retouch after applying it as it tends to look cakey on the lips.

 Sleek True Color Lipstick in Peaches&Cream
I absolutely adore this shade as it goes perfect with my skin tone and lips. Every time i apply it, i get the impression my lips look plump in such a sexy way. Same as or the Barry M lipstick, is really pigmented but needs a finger/lip brush retouch.

And the swatches

Prices: 28.99 RON for Sleek lipsticks and 27.99 RON for Barry M on Mya Shop. A decent price for such a nice quality.

Note: All products have been bought from my own budget and this post does not want to be an advertising for 3rd party companies.

BB Cream in Romania

For the ones interested in buying this cream, you can find it in Romania too by clicking here. Price: 65 Ron

joi, 15 septembrie 2011

duminică, 11 septembrie 2011

My homemade Fajitas

Yup it was absolutely delicious and i'm so proud of me :)
Tender spicy beef meat, tomatoes and salad and two kinds of cheese..

Max Factor 2000 Calories curved brush

I got this mascara a week ago when buying Beau Monde magazine for only 16 Ron. I am so in love with it and i declare it the best mascara i used in years. But let me show you what i'm talking about. 

This is one layer and no curling before applying the mascara.
More than that..it stays into place like forever and it gives me the perfect volume and length.

OPI Tickle my France

I've been dreaming drooling on this nail polish for two months at least and i finally got it. I don't think this picture does it justice, or i might be too in love with it :). When it comes to nail polishes, my color spectrum plays around reds and plums, so wearing now this sweet lavender nuance it's a like a savage party for my nails. Lol.

As beautiful and delightful the color is, as much pain in applying this nail polish gives. I had to apply three layers for obtaining a matte color as i like. I can survive to that. But the final result is not smooth and you can notice some tinny tinny air bubbles on the layer. But oh well.. i'm gonna give it all the chances in the world cause it's soo awesome.

duminică, 4 septembrie 2011

sâmbătă, 3 septembrie 2011

Gliss Ultimate Hair Repair

I've been one of the lucky bloggers to try the new Gliss Hair repair products offered by Trender.ro. The awesome gift included 3 products (a shampoo, a conditioner and a 1 min hair mask). These products are enriched with liquid Keratin to make your hair happy and shinny. 

I don't remember trying Gliss products before, but many people who used them before were happy about the results. So why not give it a try? 
I used them only for a couple of times up, so i still need some time for the verdict , but what i can say in this moment is that they smell really really nice..exactly like cocoa butter. Yummy! The texture for all three products is quite creamy and indeed, you can notice from the first usage that there is a difference in quality between them and other drug store hair products. So the point goes to Gliss!

And yes.. those are my finger marks..

Pijamas Flower Power

Sometimes all you need is something like this and some OPI "Paint my moji-toes red"...

joi, 1 septembrie 2011

Jovis soaps are in my land

I have just received the awesome Jovis soaps. My first impression is that the package looks sooo adorable and the hand written note is so sweet. Thank you Jovis.

I'll be back after testing it. Yay!

Black line is for Thursday

Well another really fast make-up cause it seems this week was the most challenging of them all...

UD Eye primer potion
Too Faced Fun in the Dark - Peep Show
Maybelline Eye Definer Liquid Eyeliner
UD 24/7 in Zero
Sleek I Divine - Oh So Special
Maybelline Volume Express Turbo Boost