joi, 22 septembrie 2011


If you like tattoos, but you are not that brave to have a permanent one, you can try a fake tattoo from here. I must say they look amazing, they are so cheap (around 4 pounds and 2 pounds the transport) and you get for this price at least 4 tattoos depending on what you've selected. They look awesome and last up to one week depending on the spot you placed them on. I tried my first one and it lasted for 4 days while i was washing dishes and taking at least 2 showers a day. So yes, yay!

And hand is not so's just the fish eye effect of my compact camera.

4 comentarii:

  1. Am vazut si eu cateva modele faine pe site :) Mi se pare o idee buna, eu personal nu m-as tatua pe viata, dar m-as juca putin. Si intr-adevar, sunt ieftine...

  2. tocmai mi-am comandat si eu, de abia astept sa vina. zi-mi si mie te rog in cat timp a ajuns pachetul tau. in 48 de ore, cum scrie pe site? si vine la posta sau direct in cutia postala, nefiind prea mari?

  3. Vin direct in cutia postala si cam in 2-3 zile ajung :) am ramas surprisa de promptitude. Pe care ti le-ai luat?

  4. vai, ce vesti bune mi-ai dat! mersi mult! pe astea le-am luat si si
    azi, maine ar trebui sa vina!! :D