marți, 8 noiembrie 2011

100% Pure organic dark chocolate mocha body cream

I've been thinking a lot of trying this brand but every time i ended up buying somethings else and  postponing this purchase. But last month i was in need of an organic hydrating body lotion so i thought it's the perfect time for this body cream. I have studied their website and my first choice was for a lavender body cream, but since it wasn't in stock, i went for the yummy dark chocolate.

What i can say after using almost half of the bottle is that i don't regret buying it. I love the recipient with the handy pump and the clean design.  
One of the main ingredients it's Cocoa butter, one if my favorites butters which gives a nice earthy chestnut perfume. It blends easily on the skin due to the liquid consistency but you will need to wait about 30 minutes for the lotion to be absorbed..nothing new for the users of natural products.  I generally use it after the night shower and in the morning the skin is nourished and smells like chocolate. Yummy.

One thing i noticed is that if you use it regularly on the entire body, you will finish the product in about a month, but if you don't mind spending 65 Ron every month, you don't have to worry about it. Also if you have really rough and dehydrated parts like elbows or legs during winter it won't solve the problem as expected and you will better go with some nourishing oil or raw Shea butter.

What i really appreciated was 100% Pure Cosmetics customer service. The package was delivered fast, i have received also a little surprise consisting in 4 samples of other two body creams and with my second order for products that were not in stock, a nice lady called me and informed me about the arrival dates. I will for sure order again in the future.

2 comentarii:

  1. De cand ma tin sa comand si eu de la ei...
    Trebuie sa-mi fac "curaj" si sa ma hotarasc la ceva, desi mi se pare aproape imposibil.

  2. i love them too! citisem pe blogul Georgiei ca ai incercat mai multe produse din gama de machiaj. Mi-as dori foarteee mult sa citesc un review la ele, incerc sa ma hotarasc de ceva timp ce sa imi iau si nu reusesc sa ma mobilizez deloc. Cremele lor le-am incercat si eu, sunt super, dar ma roade curiozitatea si la fondul de ten, tinted moisturizer, pudra de finalizare.. uff, greu e sa fii femeie