duminică, 28 august 2011

Too Faced Lash Injection

If i haven't made it clear up to now, well.. i definitively love Too Faced products! So that's why i didn't hesitate to buy this mascara since i have been looking for a good one for a while and i was so sure i found the perfect one just by looking at it. 

It has a huge brush which in my mind is the key to some awesome lashes (ti hihi), but it seems Too Faced wanted to prove me how much i am wrong. Why? Because it doesn't matter how big is the brush when the formula is incredibly awful. Meaning a thick sticky pasta which makes your lashes look like savage spiders after one application..(note to myself..savage spiders?! wth?! )

And now the tests..

1. After make up removal almost 99% nude lashes

2. First layer

3. Second layer

And this happens every time..i tried it for around 4 times hoping the God of mascaras will make a wonder but nope..Now the most awful thing is when it comes to remove it. Most of the time it decides to remove itself after around 8 hours..meaning tiny cones of mascara all around the eye. Something like this ( i removed it using a water based bio napkin)

The obvious conclusion: it was a waste of money and and i will never use it again.

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  1. Vai... tocmai ce il astept si eu, l-am cumparat de la un blog sale. Speram sa scrii de bine in review :(