sâmbătă, 13 august 2011

MAC Powder Blush - Fleur Power

This is one of the first blushes i bought from MAC and it was at a really nice price on Cosmetics Skincare (btw..i adore this website! I placed my 3rd order in less than 2 months and i've been always pleased by their service and products). Now going back to the blush. The colors that look good on me are pinkish - coral ones and i think this blush has a perfect color in between..(sounds complicated, i know :). Let me show you:

The color is a bit pinkier in reality but bare with me, i'm just learning how to use my tiny compact camera i receive for my birthday :). I do adore the color, it blends easily but one thing i noticed at the MAC blushes i own is that there are not so pigmented like i would expect. But still they look natural and awesome on the skin. 

I already have four MAC blushes by now so i guess i will stop for a while from buying them. Ti hihi.

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