duminică, 21 august 2011

MAC Springsheen

One of the first blushes bought from MAC is Springsheen sheertone shimmer blush which i absolutely adore. As i said before, i don't find MAC blushes as pigmented as i would want and this one comes pretty much under the same category. But the wonderful color and finish give it all the points. 

It gives a wonderful glow to a tanned or darker skin and hopefully the same will happen with my fair skin during winter time. I can't say it stays forever, but well... i have never find a blush that does this because my skin tends to "eat" all the make-up (no matter if i use a face primer or not). 

Since i pick the color of the blush according to the colors of my eye make-up, i can say Springsheen goes wonderful with all tones of brown or neutrals and it's definitively a must have during the summer days.

From where i bought it? Same Cosmetics Skincare for approximately 10 Pounds.

3 comentarii:

  1. e superb!! si mie imi place, seamana cu Coralista, dar e mult mai frumos:X

  2. deci nu trebuie sa-mi mai cumpar si Coralista :) Merci de pont :P

  3. cu placere, se aseamana dar asta e muult mai frumos..pe cosmetics skincare nu il mai au cred, sau nu il gasesc eu :( offf