sâmbătă, 25 iunie 2011

MAC Chatterbox Amplified

I wanted to buy the MAC Tinted lip conditioner since last summer when i saw it in a MAC shop in Vienna but last week, when i tried it on, i was really disappointed by the lack of pigmentation on my lips (at the end it's a lip conditioner so what was in my mind?! :) 

Now because i was still thinking at the awesome color in the jar, i tried to find a similar color but in a lipstick. And what i got? MAC Chatterbox Amplified, a wonderful color that lasts tons on my lips. I just love it. I have to say that it was a gift from my boyfriend so i double love it :)

It was really a surprise to see it lasts for sooo long on my lips after the experience i had with Patisserie Lustre which is an awesome color but disappears from my lips in less than an hour. So long leave Amplified!

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