joi, 26 mai 2011

To Cajun Shrimp or not

I'm declaring Cajun Shrimp one of the most amazing colors of this summer. I'm sooo in love with it. I'm sure you can see why. A vibrant and playful color that makes your world spin around.Yay!

And if you don't want to really spend a lot of money on OPI ( expensive) i present you its "hell so much cheaper" sister: Farmasi no 74

Amazing right? So i got Farmasi yesterday for 5 Ron and OPI for 37 Ron.

And the colors are so much alike.

Now what i noticed is that it takes  3 layers for the OPI to perfectly color the nail while for Farmasi only 2. But OPI applies so much better than Farmasi.

So let the party begin! :)

6 comentarii:

  1. why did u get them both?
    farmasi is pretty cool, i have to try


  2. Well i've been searching for this color at a cheap price for a long time now and when i saw OPI i said oh well it will be a perfect time to test my first OPI. And i ordered it..and find this Farmasi yesterday at the metro. :) Destiny!

  3. Si oja OPI vad subtonuri siclam iar in cea Farmasi nu dar ai dreptate, sunt similare! :)

  4. Foarte faine ambele, sunt perfecte pt. vara! Eu sunt indragostita de Opi.

  5. unde scrie nrul la farmasi? ca pe site si pe fundul sticlutei nu sunt acelasi numere:-?

  6. eu am luat nr de pe fundul sticlutei :) ups